Bi*~h WERK!! 

“I woke up like this a cool ass motherfucker with boobs! – April Gilbert”

I don’t even need to begin to explain today’s quote… This one comes from a good friend of mine April
Now if you knew this bitch!* Than you would know she is fierce…

She has so many more crazy quotes. Now let my gay ass stop talking and share her EPIC quote!

WERK, WERK, WERK!!!! All I can say is this, “own it, WERK it and take charge. Like I say daily … Be a mother fucking BOSS.

If you want more quotes from her than comment below.

The featured images in today’s blog are: 

Werk Queen Featured Image

This blog was written by: Clayton Demers (Clay-Doh D!!) ™  and is part of clayton’s epic quotes of 2015

Special thanks to April Gilbert for her quotes and making me laugh.

All the listed artwork has been edited and created by Clayton Demers (DJ Clay-Doh D)™ and is under copyright ©2015


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