Inner Thoughts…

Have you ever been around someone or in a room full of people and you just sit there an think or say something in your head? 

This quote comes from a friend and if you knew both of them you would laugh your ass off just like I did when I herd this one. 

One of them is quite an sneaky; yet devious as hell. The other one is outspoken an lives several different personalities in ones self. The following quote is directed to friend number 2. 

You honestly won’t understand how true and funny this actually is unless you know both of them.


(Friday Afternoon – Back Seat of  friends car – New Orleans) 

There were 4 of us riding around having general chitter chatter when the most random, funniest thing came out of my friends mouth.  

I had to ask him to repeat himself because I could not believe what he said..

Here is what he said… 


Cullen and Jonathan are ex boyfriends which makes this even funnier.  

Cullen is by far beyond a stalker toward Jonathan.  And is the classic stalker  ex boyfriend scenario… 

I know I’m probably gonna get in trouble for this post, cuz I did not ask permission to post this lol.. So I’m gonna do one better…

If you want to be friends with Cullen just add him on facebook

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Written By: Clayton Demers 2015 



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